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Newsletter. No 5

April 2004.

We hope everybody has had a great start to 2004?
The first round of meetings were quite well attended. Thanks for coming! We hope the information we have given out has been of some use!
We now have Information Kits for Medical Practitioners for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME & CFS) and Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS). These are available to assist your treating doctor. Information Kits for Support Group members and sufferers are posted out when you join the ME/CFS/FMS Association of Queensland. Additional information is available from your area contact, or from Neil Reynolds.
The latest Kit from Victoria covers the subject of women before, during, and after pregnancy.
A new Kit to cover Multiple Chemical Sensitivity will hopefully be ready in the middle of the year.

Thanks again to the The Atherton Neighborhood Centre for ongoing support, and continued use of the meeting room.
Thanks also to our local Politician for generous amounts of photo copying.
We could not survive without this support.

- We wish Jacinta "bon voyage" on her travels to Darwin and beyond. Thanks again for your help and enthusiasm at the Mossman and Port Douglas meetings!

- Our first meeting with the Minister for Disabilities and Communities, Warren Pitt. We were well received, and he accepted our information. He has promised to investigate the exclusion of CFS as a disability by Disability Services Queensland.

- Further development of the FNQ CFS/FMS/MCS website, thanks to Peter Cummins.

- Advocacy at Cairns Base Hospital for treatment for a lady with CFS/FMS.

- We anxiously await the arrival of Gwen Hemmerton from Victoria. She is moving from Wonthaggi to return to live in Innisfail or Gordonvale. She has experise with Fibromyalgia.

- CFS Awareness Day during CFS Awareness Week, May 8th to 16th.
CFS Awareness Day PUBLICITY:
The support group, and the CFS movement, needs your help!
Enclosed with this Newsletter, please find CFS handouts, and Awareness Day Posters. Can everybody please find a suitable place near where you live, to give the handouts during Awareness Week? If you can not do this yourself, please ask somebody else who can, or put them in the windows where you do your shopping. Together we can cover most of Far North Queensland!

In every community there are Notice Boards where you can arrange for the Awareness Day Posters to be displayed. PLEASE ask the appropriate supervisors for permission to do this, during the week after 2nd May. For anybody who has the time and the energy, we also have information pamphlets to give out. Please phone Neil Reynolds to obtain supplies of these, before all the May meetings.

Meeting Calendars

Hope to see you soon.

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